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How CCTV is an Effective Security Measure for Your Business | CCTV London

How CCTV is an Effective Security Measure for Your Business

How CCTV is an Effective Security Measure for Your Business

Keeping your business premises safe from crime is a real struggle for most business owners. This is why investing in a modern CCTV security system could save you a small fortune, as well as an awful lot of hassle!


October is National Home Security Month, but this doesn’t mean you cannot extend your security measures to cover your business premises too. This is a great time to take extra steps towards protecting your business against crime.


Burglaries are on the increase


According to the Office of National Statistics, there has been a 6% rise in offences of burglary, recorded by the police to 437,537 since this time last year. However, there are more commercial burglaries than domestic offences, but there are a number of commercial burglaries that don’t get reported, so this figure could be much higher in real terms.


The cost of crime against businesses is huge and burglary still remains the highest threat. The average burglary costs a business  around  £1,376 per incident. When compared to an average cost of between £40 to £500 per incident for other business-related crimes, it makes complete sense to have a commercial CCTV security system installed to defend yourself from crime.


Did you know that the average spend on security measures taken by most SME’s is just £376. With the average cost of business break-ins costing more than three times this amount, are business owners really doing enough to protect their premises from burglaries?


CCTV is an effective deterrent


According to a study by the University of Leicester, CCTV came out on top as the most effective deterrent towards pre-planned crime. The study also showed that including very visible CCTV warning signage also actively deterred criminals from stealing from households and commercial premises. When a property owner is seen to be knowledgeable about crime prevention, most career criminals will move on to target someone else.


It is thought that the high visibility of a CCTV security system can act as a strong deterrent, but is even more effective when it is combined with a state-of-the-art burglar alarm system. A commercial property that is protected by these measures is less likely to be burgled.


Having strong security window and door locks is a must to help keep intruders out, but most commercial premises are often targets of ‘smash and grab’ type crimes where burglars are in and out as quickly as possible. Most will come equipped with crowbars and bolt-cutters, so will cause a lot of damage to gain entry to your building. These sorts of opportunistic thefts are very annoying, but are also very expensive to put right. The business owner is the one who loses out the most with a huge repair bill and an increased insurance premium to pay, should they bother to make a claim for repairs and replacements of tools, machinery and equipment stolen.


Businesses that have been broken into before are also more likely to be targeted again. This is why it makes sense to invest in a cutting-edge CCTV security system to help prevent repeat crimes.


CCTV to aid prosecutions


Not only does having a CCTV security system set up act to deter would be criminals and opportunist thieves from targeting your property, the knowledge that they could be caught on camera will make them think twice.


Even when you are dealing with the most determined of career criminals who are set on breaking into your property regardless of your security protection, being caught on camera can mean they can be caught in the act. The criminals will not know if your CCTV footage is being live streamed to you or not. This can make some criminals rethink their actions.


While most commercial burglaries are reported to the police, where there is no CCTV footage present, there is little to no proof about the purpotrators to give to the police. You may find that your local police force are already aware of criminal gangs that operate in the area, they may even have names and addresses of their suspects, but without any concrete proof of them being on your premises, there is little they can do to guarantee their prosecutions.




If you want to keep your business premises safe from the risk of burglaries, then having CCTV installed is a sensible step towards protecting your livelihood from criminal activity.


Our CCTV security systems for business premises are individually designed to meet with your exact requirements. We are very happy to come out to your business to conduct an inspection and give you a recommendation for what you need to secure your property.


Do you need some advice? Why not contact our friendly team today to discuss your CCTV needs. We are here to help!

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