CCTV London. We Install, Repair & Maintain. We provide peace of mind. Our engineers will visit your premises to give you a free quote. They will ask you about your concerns. Are you victims of vandalism? Are there shady areas around your home, where youths like to congregate? Our engineers will also gain a thorough understanding about your premises. Is it your home or business? Do you share entrances with your neighbours? Is there an alleyway you are concerned about? Because of the experience we have, we will not just give a list of prices. Instead we will advise you on different solutions depending on your budget and needs. You will be surprised with how many solutions there are to your concerns.

Even after installation, our clients let us know how their area has changed, and if there are further developments needed. We will not compromise your safety concerns. Maybe you need signage as a deterrence, or cameras for providing evidence to the police. We have the right, and appropriate solution for you.

CCTV - What is it?

C-losed C-ircuit T-ele V-ision Have cameras installed on your premises, and keep an eye on unwanted visitors.

What does a Locksmith do?

We are professionals who work with locks, on doors, windows, safes, cars and more. We install and repair.

Help! - I'm locked out!

Don't worry, we will get to you, with our emergency response team. We will get you back in.


We are Emergency Locksmiths London. We have a 24 hour rapid response for your locks. If you have been locked out of your premises, don’t stress. Call us. We will come immediately. If you have a long term concern, then we provide a free estimate, to come to your home or business place. Our engineers will understand your needs and concerns. They will then give you their advise and ideas, free of charge.

Maybe you needs quick thumb release locks, for fire safety. Or maybe keypad lock is more practical, so that multiple keys do not need to be cut for your buildings tenants. We also understand that a quick turnaround is preferable. Once a solution has been agreed, we order your unique parts, and install, usually within a couple of days.

We have been in business for around 10 years, and as a result, we have gathered hundreds of happy clients in and around London.